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Bikepackingtips is the complete resource for all things bikepacking and cycling. It aims to take you through every step of a bikepacking trip, while also teaching you a little more about cycling in general.

If you are here for the bikepacking content, then check out our bikepacking starter guides, where we take you through all the steps involved in a bikepacking trip; from planning your trip, to picking a camping spot, and even shipping your bike to another new country.

If you’re a seasoned bikepacker, take a look at our articles on the best bikepacking gear. We’ve tested out hundreds of pieces of bikepacking gear so you don’t have to waste your money.

Finally, if you’re here for general cycling tips, take a look at our beginner articles, starting with advice as simple as learning to ride a bike, but going into far more detail on certain topics such as offering a doctor’s advice on managing cycling injuries and health & fitness training.

Run and owned by one man, Joe Dalloz, Bikepackingtips strives to inspire you to set out on your first trip, discover a new way to see the world and get fitter and healthier while doing it!

Joe Dalloz

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